Community Bonding – Report (1)

Hello there, this is my weekly report about my work. In this report, I will show what I did this past week. I will also show what I intend to do in the next week. let’s get started.

That’s what is done
  • I read GSoC student guide.
  • I set up my public blog.
  • I will be using the GitHub mirror of Octave instead of using a mercurial repo so, I set up my public repo and prepared my local environment.
  • The decision on how to add RapidJSON library to Octave was discussed and made on the mailing list.
  • I started reading about and experimenting with Oct-Files to get familiar with the code base.
What I intend to do
  • Get more familiar with GNU Autotools.
  • Extend file to check for RapidJSON.
  • Getting familiar with RapidJSON.
  • Finish my experiments with Oct-Files.

That’s it for this week. See you next one.

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