Coding Period – Report (1)

Hello there, this is my weekly report about my work. In this report, I will show what I did this past week. I will also show what I intend to do in the next week. let’s get started.

That’s what is done

My finals started this week so there isn’t much work done. (I organized this with my mentor.)

  • I made a branch in my git repository called “test-suite” that I will push my tests to in the directory “octave/test/json-encode-decode”.
  • Since MATLAB compatibility is a core target for my project, I learned how to write script-based unit tests in MATLAB. This will help me in writing a test suite that MATLAB can run in order to verify its compatibility.
  • I started writing tests for jsondecode function. I wrote and extracted from the previous implementations tests for the decoding of:
    • null values in non-numeric arrays
    • null values in numeric arrays
    • Boolean values
    • Number values
    • String values
    • Array of booleans
    • Array of numbers
    • Array of strings
What I intend to do
  • Continue writing tests for jsondecode.

That’s it for this week. See you next one.

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