Coding Period – Report (5)

Hello there, this is my weekly report about my work. In this report, I will show what I did this past week. I will also show what I intend to do in the next week. let’s get started.

That’s what is done
  • I started writing jsondecode function on my repository. The function now fails only 6 tests of the 31 tests in the test suite. The function now decodes:
    • null values in non-numeric arrays
    • null values in numeric arrays
    • Boolean values
    • Numeric values
    • String values
    • Array of booleans
    • Array of numbers
    • Array of strings
    • JSON objects
    • Array of objects — Same field names
    • Array of objects — Different field names
How to compile and run tests on the code

Right now, the code is treated as an external *.oct file. The integration of the code into Octave’s build system will be done at the end of the project. This is how to compile it:

  • “cd” into “libinterp/corefcn” in your Octave’s code base directory
  • run “mkoctfile” command using the file name ( as an argument

Octave test files are provided for each function. You can run the one that tests jsondecode in the “libinterp/corefcn” directory by running this command:


The log file “log.txt” in “test/json” in your Octave’s code base directory will have the data of the failed tests.

What I intend to do
  • Finish jsondecode function.
  • Since I like to use the method of “get things done first. then enhance it”, I will start to see if there is some thing in the code that can be written better after taking feedback and re-reading the code.

That’s it for this week. See you next one.

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