GSoC 2021: Coding Period – Report (4)

Hello there, this is my weekly report about my work. In this report, I will show what I did this past week. I will also show what I intend to do in the next week. All the code of the project can be found in this repository. let’s get started.

That’s what is done
  • Supported embedding JPG images in a notebook.
  • Fixed a bug in the code. Code cells with continuation lines and multi-line statements were not supported. I solved this by running the cell as a whole not line by line.
  • Supported -f “format” plot magic. The formats that are supported are PNG (default), SVG, and JPG.
What I intend to do
  • Work on supporting other plot magics.
  • Solve some minor issues like:
    • The jsondecode function transforms the keys of JSON objects into valid octave variable names. This is not compatible with the notebook format, so we need to handle it.
  • Start documenting the code.

That’s it. See you next week.

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